Monday, September 20, 2010

And we are running!

Ahhhhh! I'm am so very excited! I cannot believe we are starting on this journey! Maybe I should back up a bit and let you all in on the secret.


We have a long journey to get there, one filled with lots of (cough, cough) fundraising. But we feel like we are on solid enough footing to start the process. We have lofty goals, goals which we will only reach through prayer, but we feel that now is the time. Our third child will not come from us(door closed), but rather ETHIOPIA! The story of how we came to the orphanage we have chose is a sweet one indeed, but it is a story for another day.

Sweet Amy, good for you, have fun--right? Not so fast!

We are asking you all to prayerfully(or not so prayerfully if that is your case :)) supporting us in this journey. We are looking for creative ways to make money. Adoption isn't cheap. Our estimated cost will be 20-25,000 dollars. One way we plan on raising money is through an amazing (GREEN!) product line called Shaklee. We are super excited about this stuff, and they give us the opportunity to pocket up to 20 % of the purchase price of the items, as well as numerous bonuses. Every check that comes in from Shaklee will be going directly to Malot's Hope/ Adoption Fund. This gives us huge potential, but only if others help out! Check out the link on the side, and look at the products. We are currently using the Get Clean line of cleaners in our house and loving them. I am also taking numerous supplements, and hello no stomach upset! These people were green before it was cool. I promise not to promote anything we haven't tried our self, and give honest opinions. But don't take my word for it- there is a 100% no questions asked, money back guarantee. Oh and they ship to Canada :)!

Another thing I'm dreaming of is opening an Malot's hope Etsy shop. Ideas are floating around in my head about what to sell, but if you are interested in donating items at cost to this venture, I would love to talk :). I know all too many crafty people!

So check back often, for the whole story. Why we are adopting, why this agency, and why now. You'll also find product reviews as well as prayer requests and praise reports.

Local? We are having a Malot's Hope Kick off party on September 30. Details will be up soon, I will be talking about what lead us to where we are now, and you'll get a chance to check out the products.

Much Love!
The Garrett Household

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  1. OMG! This is awesome. I'd be willing to help with crafty stuff! Just let me know. :)