Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Dream Renewed

Once upon a time we had dreams. Really big dreams. God sized dreams.

And then we had our sweet boy. (if you don't know Pup's story you can read it here)

Dreams crushed. Our life was changed more than we could ever imagine.

We used to sit before we were married and shortly after and talk about opening a fully sustainable orphanage. Teaching kids to be self- sufficient with trades, and having a school. How awesome would that have been?

But that's the thing about God, he brings us to places to places we never would go on our own and will see us through to the other side. As I watch our little boy pushing a chair across the room I am grateful. Grateful for the patience I have acquired. Grateful for the ability to navigate hospitals, and therapies, and doctors in my sleep. Grateful to have my little girl who has taught me so much in the more minor "issues" in childhood. We have AMAZING doctors. I am familiar with therapies and techniques that most people don't even know exist. It is my daily life, it is our normal.

We know that adopted kids often need a little "extra help", at least a first. But I am confident God has prepared us for this point. He has let us experience their culture, see first hand the heartbreaking way orphans often live. Has taught us through our own two kids how to exist through these issues.

This is where we are supposed to be. God has put us in this very place, for a time just like now. Our own little "orphanage", except I think we will just call it HOME.

With Love,
The Garrett's

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