Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dolcetto Designs Christmas Card Fundraiser

***I have samples in my possession and all I can say is I am so impressed. I never questioned the quality of the more expensive items(let me tell you they are some of the nicest cards I have ever seen!) but I was more sceptical of the digital image. She printed the samples off of, the type of place that sells 4 x6 prints for .08 cents a pop. They are so, so very nice! You will not be disappointed if you go the digital image route!***

Does it seem like all I am doing is fundraising... well I am! We are so excited to get this process moving, and the very first part is the hardest! Right now we are working towards application and home study fees which are around 6000! Once we have an approved home study we become "legit" in the eyes of the adoption community, and we can apply for more standard funding such as no interest loans as well as grants.

Anyways, I am so very excited about our newest fundraiser. Dolcetto Designs is a Canadian company which I have been "following" on Facebook for quite awhile now. They have super cute products, and really affordable options. I actually was already planning on using them to create a digital image for our Christmas Card! (A digital image allows you to print off boutique quality cards at any place you would like, for a fraction of the cost!) They have over 80 customizable designs, and they use your own pictures (that of course you got taken by yours truly :)). Sheri(the owner) has been absolutely amazing in getting this set up, even though we are not a registered non-profit, and the proceeds we receive will NOT be a tax write off for her! Check out a few samples of her work-

So I have you sold right? Oh did I mention we get 15% of your purchase price? Every little bit helps! Remember, this is a Canadian site, meaning the cost is in CANADIAN DOLLARS. The exchange rate varies but it seems to hover around 90 cents to the American dollar.

So here is what you do :

Go to the website.
Find your favorite card.
Fill out the order form (be sure to put Malot's Hope in it, that is how she know you are with us!)
Pay, and wait for your beauty to arrive! It is that easy!


  1. Captivating cards, perfectly matching the occasion why should n`t you try your skills in designing plastic cards?