Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It is our little guy's birthday, and he rang it in with TAKING HIS FIRST STEP! (Scratching your head why this is SUCH A BIG DEAL!?! Read the full story here.) Not that I saw it or anything (daddy did!) because I didn't, and it was only one step not holding on, but still! Wohoo! Praise Jesus for our little man!

As for me I will spend a chunk of his birthday with a Hematologist, pinpointing down exactly why what happened, happened. So prayers would be greatly appreciated, a lot is up in the air, and we just want some answers and what it means for all of us. (Not to mention I need a clean bill of health for adoption!)

So Happy Birthday to my small one, light of my life, and thorn in his sisters side. We love you oh so much!

When you live in our house any type of bread like substance by your first year is an accomplishment in an of itself! MMMMMM pumpkin muffins :)

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