Monday, October 18, 2010

Maybe We should pray to Jesus...

Our daughter is a crack up. She knows it, she tries to be funny. She is getting so old, but is still a little off to understanding "big" concepts. She is a typical toddler on the verge of preschooldom, self centered to the "T".

We have been slowly introducing the idea of adoption to her. Explaining how there are little kids without Mommy's and daddy's who need Mommy's and daddy's to let them come live with them and love them. (Life is so simple in kid world!) We have asked her if she wanted to pray for them, we have told her that one day, once we get our new (or "newt" in Lizzy speak) house, we will have a new brother or sister who doesn't look like her. (Side note the "doesn't look like her is key in explaining all of this to her, lets just say her close interactions with "non white people" have not gone the greatest!) We have started explaining differences in people, and how we all are the same and just want Mommy's and daddy's who love us. Sometimes she seems interested, others not so much. We try not to push it, there is still time.

But tonight after tucking her in, and singing her goodnight song, she asked me the most perfect, precious question.

"Mommy, could we pray to Jesus for a newt brother or sister who doesn't have a mommy? They could share my big girl bed, I would love them."

I left her room with tears in my eyes, my sweet sweet 2 year old girl doesn't care whether she has a bed of her own, or if she would have less. She just wants to love them.

Because we all need a Mommy :)

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