Saturday, October 30, 2010

Christmas Shopping for a Cause, Part 2

***Welcome if you are new! Please check out our Ethiopian adoption story thus far with the links on the upper left, and on the right side is all of our current fundraisers including Christmas Cards, Shaklee Products, Just Love Coffee, and our Etsy Shop! Thanks For stopping by, and Happy Shopping!***

I LOVE these Christmas "Link Ups". Not only does it give us great exposure for our fundraisers, but we are buying a large portion of our gifts for others from OTHER adopting families. I love looking at(and drooling over!) what every one else is crafting up. Yes, a lot of the links are just coffee and shirts, and we have those too! But so many of them are so much more! There are links of people selling handcrafted jewelry, gloriously wonderful paintings(look for a post on this one specifically, it is what I'm "asking for"), amazingly creative ornaments, handcrafted toys and clothing, and everything else under the sun!

People who adopt are just like you, and just like you we all have different talents and creative outlets. So go on over to A Place Called Simplicity, and do a little Christmas Shopping. And of course there is Christmas Frenzie still going on at My Cup Overfloweth, that list grows by the day!

And without further delay, our most recent additions to our Malot's Hope Etsy Shop! We are the place to get reusable items for your home, and great gifts for your child! This is also where you will find our shirts which we are sporting in our family picture! 100% of the purchase price of items, unless otherwise specified goes directly to our adoption fund! I will gladly gift wrap and ship to the recipient, just ask. For more pictures of these and other items, head on over to our shop!

Personalized hooded towels, you choose the color and the name, and I will do the rest! These wash up great, and stand up to heavy use. The one my "model" is wearing is over a year old!

Sensory "Tag" Blankets. These oh-so-fun square "loveys" are perfect for the baby in your life. With squares of cotton, minky, and corduroy, and backed with terrycloth, there are plenty of textures to keep any baby interested! These have all sold out(in just 24 hours!). Look for more in a few weeks!

The blanket below has already sold and is going to a precious baby, THANK YOU for your support! Check out the Africa blanket pictured below it if you are in the market for blankets, they are one of my favorite items in the shop! We have a few different patterns available!

And last but not least, a set of 5 flax oil finished, handcrafted wood cars, nested in their own personalized initial bag. Perfect for the little boy(or car loving girl!) in your life. This was actually a birthday gift for my son, and it has been well tested by my 1 and 2 year old! Sets include one of each of the vehicles pictured.

So check out our shop, check out our links, check out the other families who are trying to bring home their newest members, because if we all do a little we can change the world. And really, Big Business doesn't need any more money anyways ;)

With Love,
The Garretts

Friday, October 29, 2010

They really like me!

I was working on the Esty shop tonight and I realized that I have people who "heart me"(what is really exciting is I have no clue who 2 of the people are, the third well, hi Alison!). Kinda the Facebook equivalent of "liking" or the blog equivalent of "following". All of the above make me happy, and help me to remember that there are people out there supporting and praying for us!

So if you haven't already "like", "heart", or "follow"us. It shows you support us, and in my times of crazy thoughts, it helps me to remember that we are not in this alone!

With Love,
The Garretts

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Liquid Gold

I have been struck this past week by this weird sense that somewhere, one of our children could be being born. In some rural community, or street corner, a mother could be giving birth (without medical care, and most likely unassisted...) to a beautiful little girl or boy. I pray that there is love and at least some resources. That there is some support of grandmas, sisters, mothers. That the mother is treasuring her precious, even while she is facing the awful reality that she is not either physically or financially able to care for them. But I know the grim reality of far too many girls. All to often there is no support, and more than often, fear is what strikes these young moms. How my heart breaks, ALL OF OUR HEARTS SHOULD BREAK!

So what happens when these mom's decide it isn't feasible, that they simply cannot care for their babies?

(It should be noted here that giving up children in ET is NOT at all like the system here. These moms have profound sorrow and grief over this process. They CANNOT care for their children. Some have no milk whatsoever because of their own malnutrition, therefore their babies would STARVE. Some are dying of AIDS or another disease. Some are watching their other children starve or not thrive because of a lack of resources to provide for them. They are not putting their children up for adoption for THEIR OWN CONVENIENCE. This is not so they can continue to live their preferred lifestyle. Get the picture?)

If they are one of the lucky few they end up at one of the Orphan and Widows Homes ran by Adoption Ministry. Here both orphans and widows are welcomed in with open arms(what happens in many country's to widows is a travesty in its own right, but that is another post, for another day). There are (paid)nannies to do the cooking, cleaning, and day to day grunt work of raising the children. And the widows have a second lease on life, where they are valued and have such a pivotal role in loving on the orphans who they share a home with!

But what about the baby? Remember the one whose mom had no milk and was dropped off at the door? What are they supposed to eat?

It seems so simple to us here, FORMULA. Run to the corner store, pick up a can, and call it a day, RIGHT?

Wrong, oh so wrong! You see there isn't what we would call a quality formula available in Ethiopia. So these babies were originally only receiving what was basically a fortified dry milk powder(what "formula" is there). You can only guess how that wasn't cutting it!

Enter, Into the Streets of Ethiopia , a non-profit which sprung out of what else, adopting their child from Ethiopia and seeing the need. They are helping with donating some, but it is not enough. There are a lot of babies (or older malnourished kiddos who need the boost), and they go through A LOT of formula.

Every family that goes over(for court dates for their own adoption, as well picking up their children) try to take as much formula as they can get their hands on, often times filling all of their allotted luggage, and carrying their items in carry on. One huge blessing for the availability of formula has been the requirement by the Ethiopian Government that families must travel twice, that generally equates to an extra 150 pounds of formula per family! You see shipping to Ethiopia is crazy expensive. Like 20 dollars or so per pound expensive. Shipping, as sad as it is, is NOT an option!

So how can you help?

I am trying to get a package together of formula to send a friend who will be going on her first trip within the next few months. ANY samples of ANY brand would be greatly appreciated! If you feel the desire to do more and want to purchase a can or two, would would gratefully accept that as well! I will also take any and all coupons or formula checks you have or can get your hands on. Eventually it will be us collecting formula for OUR trip over, but right now we are collecting for other families, to take, to possibly feed OUR baby!

If you have recently had a baby or are pregnant, or simply would like to get on the mailing lists for the formula companies(to receive checks, coupons and samples in the mail) below are the links. I just went through and registered with them all(for some reason we weren't put on mailing lists with Noah...) and it took less than 15 minutes. Easy peasy, and free formula for orphans.

Similac Strong Moms Club
(Similac mailing list, enter promo Code PARENTS to receive 6 free months of Parents Magizine)
Enfamil Family Beginnings (Enfamil mailing list)
Gerber Generation (Gerber/ Good Start mailing list, upper right hand corner)
Parent's Choice Free Sample (Walmart's brand, they will send you a day long supply, you can sign up for a sample of all 3 available types, Advantage, Premium, and gentle)
Members Mark Free Sample (Sam's club Brand, another free day long supply, you can sign up for both types)
Baby's Only Organic (a toll free number to call to request a free sample)
Bright Savings Plan (bright beginnings formula, not yet launched, link for future reference)

With OH SO MUCH Love!
The Garrett's

Monday, October 25, 2010

Is the Orphan My Neighbor?

Today is a busy, feel sick kinda day. I'm working on some orders for our shop so they can hopefully be delivered/ shipped in the next few days. But in the meantime, check out this article.

I love "who is my neighbor" situations. For some reason they speak to me and are around right when I need confirmation. For as popular of a text that it is, I feel like I rarely hear sermons/ read articles pointing to "outside the box" neighbors. Not saying they aren't there, I just don't see them.

Anyways, the point of all of this rambling was that the confirmation when I originally went to Africa, was a sermon entitled "Is Africa my dying neighbor". (Earlier that day I had prayed, "God if you really want me to go to Africa make it really clear, you know in that tone of disbelief....) So when I stumbled upon this article on another blog I follow, it was a little slice of peace.

I would copy and paste it here, if I could figure out how to do it on blogger(since I question how many of you actually go to the link...) but I don't know how, so go to it, and not just the other orphan passionate ones who read this!

Is the Orphan My Neighbor?

Saturday, October 23, 2010


So I did it, I jumped on the Radical bandwagon. And I am one happy camper that I did. I am about 3/4 the way though it( and I just got it 2 nights ago :)) and I'm in love. I love when someone calls it like it is and challenges us to step outside of the bubble and look beyond ourselves. Because newsflash :it is NOT about us! So go pick it up, go to the library and reserve it, get the ebook. Do whatever you do to get a hold of books. You won't be sorry.

So watch this clip, get the book, read it, be the change.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Perfect Mom

So a friend of mine asked me what I though the "perfect mom" is, for a blog post she was doing. It got me thinking, and while this is not a conclusive list, this is what I came up with, and what I strive for.

The perfect mom...


Fiercely, Powerfully, and not just their own kids. The recognize ALL kids are equal in the eyes of God.

They Fight. Fight for their kids(and all of those other kids...) AND their marriage.

They PRAY.

They are open handed, trusting that God can do better for their kids than they can.


They pick battles, and don't think too highly of themselves.

Because after all...


But they fess up to it, GET BACK UP, and try again.






They recognize the value of where they have come from, as well as the value of where they are going.

They are BEAUTIFUL. (yes really, YOU!)

They are wise.

They can change the WORLD.

We can change the world. We are the perfect moms. We have each been placed in our lives for a time such as this.

So I guess the question is, what are we going to do with it?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Favorite Product Friday {Vita D3}

Actually doing it and on Friday none the less, progress I tell you!

I feel like you have to be living under a rock to not have heard all of the recent press on Vitamin D. It is EVERYWHERE! It wards off colds, keeps up your mood, and can lower your cholesterol. Looking for some more information on what Vitamin D can do for you, check out this post, done by a friend recently on the subject.

So we understand we SHOULD take it, but HOW MUCH is the question right? Generally speaking 1000 IU's doesn't cut it, but all to often that is the recommended amount. Your needs also change depending on where you live, how much time you are outside, and the season.

There is a nifty little quiz here to tell you how much you need to take. This is not "therapeutic dosing". This is just the baseline amount you personally should be taking. Don't worry it is only like 5 questions long, and you don't have to register or enter any personal information!
Why D3 you ask? It is what we can absorb, most(but not all!) D supplements are D3, but if it doesn't say, there is a good chance it is not! As always, all proceeds from our Shaklee Shop, go directly to Malot's Hope {Adoption Fund}!
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gotcha Days

In my free time(read the wee hours of the morning when I really should be sleeping) one of my FAVORITE things to do is watch "Gotcha Day" Videos. A gotcha day is adoption speak for the day you get to keep you new son or daughter. This video is all over the Internet, I have seen links to it on more blogs than I can count. I'm guessing it is because it is so well done, and so powerful. I have yet to watch it without crying. So if you have a few spare minutes, watch it. You won't regret it, and hopefully you will catch a bigger vision for what we are doing, and why we are doing it!

(Side note, thank you all for your prayers. While we were told having another biological child is not the greatest idea, nothing else major is going on!)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It is our little guy's birthday, and he rang it in with TAKING HIS FIRST STEP! (Scratching your head why this is SUCH A BIG DEAL!?! Read the full story here.) Not that I saw it or anything (daddy did!) because I didn't, and it was only one step not holding on, but still! Wohoo! Praise Jesus for our little man!

As for me I will spend a chunk of his birthday with a Hematologist, pinpointing down exactly why what happened, happened. So prayers would be greatly appreciated, a lot is up in the air, and we just want some answers and what it means for all of us. (Not to mention I need a clean bill of health for adoption!)

So Happy Birthday to my small one, light of my life, and thorn in his sisters side. We love you oh so much!

When you live in our house any type of bread like substance by your first year is an accomplishment in an of itself! MMMMMM pumpkin muffins :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Maybe We should pray to Jesus...

Our daughter is a crack up. She knows it, she tries to be funny. She is getting so old, but is still a little off to understanding "big" concepts. She is a typical toddler on the verge of preschooldom, self centered to the "T".

We have been slowly introducing the idea of adoption to her. Explaining how there are little kids without Mommy's and daddy's who need Mommy's and daddy's to let them come live with them and love them. (Life is so simple in kid world!) We have asked her if she wanted to pray for them, we have told her that one day, once we get our new (or "newt" in Lizzy speak) house, we will have a new brother or sister who doesn't look like her. (Side note the "doesn't look like her is key in explaining all of this to her, lets just say her close interactions with "non white people" have not gone the greatest!) We have started explaining differences in people, and how we all are the same and just want Mommy's and daddy's who love us. Sometimes she seems interested, others not so much. We try not to push it, there is still time.

But tonight after tucking her in, and singing her goodnight song, she asked me the most perfect, precious question.

"Mommy, could we pray to Jesus for a newt brother or sister who doesn't have a mommy? They could share my big girl bed, I would love them."

I left her room with tears in my eyes, my sweet sweet 2 year old girl doesn't care whether she has a bed of her own, or if she would have less. She just wants to love them.

Because we all need a Mommy :)

Christmas Frenzy

We obviously are not the only people on this journey, and there is a wonderful rescorce over at My Cup Overfloweth called Christmas Frenzy. Here you can find links to all kinds of goodies, with all of the proceeds going towards SOMEBODY'S Adoption. We are linked up over there, and I have personally drooled over every last link! So go check it out, and start thinking christmas!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Africa Shirts!

Welcome if you are coming from Christmas Frenzy! Please check out all of our fundraisers on the right hand side of the page, including coffee, Shaklee, and a Christmas Card Fundraiser! All proceeds will be going to our adoption fund. The below shirts are in our Etsy shop, as well as plenty of other goodies for the home and babe! Looking for something handmade in particular(a set of cloth blocks? a tool belt for your "little handyman"?) Convo me and we will set up a custom!

So our Africa shirt fundraiser is in full swing and can I tell you how sweet they are? I love them! We had our family photo shoot today, and were all sporting ours, in the black variety. They are so comfy, and look great! Look for adult additions to the shop in the next few days. Head on over to Malots Hope {Etsy Shop} to pick up one, or a whole set of shirts for your family. 100% of the purchase price(like everything else in our shop!) goes directly to our adoption fund! I know I am super humble right now, but they are definitely my favorite thing! Check out a sneak peak of our shoot, you must wait until Christmas to see the rest though!

With Love,
The Garrett's

Thursday, October 14, 2010

We have an Etsy Shop!


No it is not all of the way full, and no I don't have nifty little button made for the side yet, but in due time! The push was on to have it up by today, when we are featured on and we made it!

There are some awesome things listed, and lots more to come. We welcome your ideas AND donations, so keep 'em coming!

So go check out our store, And while you are surfing, check out our feature on Modern Alternative Momma!

Dolcetto Designs Christmas Card Fundraiser

***I have samples in my possession and all I can say is I am so impressed. I never questioned the quality of the more expensive items(let me tell you they are some of the nicest cards I have ever seen!) but I was more sceptical of the digital image. She printed the samples off of, the type of place that sells 4 x6 prints for .08 cents a pop. They are so, so very nice! You will not be disappointed if you go the digital image route!***

Does it seem like all I am doing is fundraising... well I am! We are so excited to get this process moving, and the very first part is the hardest! Right now we are working towards application and home study fees which are around 6000! Once we have an approved home study we become "legit" in the eyes of the adoption community, and we can apply for more standard funding such as no interest loans as well as grants.

Anyways, I am so very excited about our newest fundraiser. Dolcetto Designs is a Canadian company which I have been "following" on Facebook for quite awhile now. They have super cute products, and really affordable options. I actually was already planning on using them to create a digital image for our Christmas Card! (A digital image allows you to print off boutique quality cards at any place you would like, for a fraction of the cost!) They have over 80 customizable designs, and they use your own pictures (that of course you got taken by yours truly :)). Sheri(the owner) has been absolutely amazing in getting this set up, even though we are not a registered non-profit, and the proceeds we receive will NOT be a tax write off for her! Check out a few samples of her work-

So I have you sold right? Oh did I mention we get 15% of your purchase price? Every little bit helps! Remember, this is a Canadian site, meaning the cost is in CANADIAN DOLLARS. The exchange rate varies but it seems to hover around 90 cents to the American dollar.

So here is what you do :

Go to the website.
Find your favorite card.
Fill out the order form (be sure to put Malot's Hope in it, that is how she know you are with us!)
Pay, and wait for your beauty to arrive! It is that easy!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What about the Boy?

When we have told people we are starting the process to adopt our first question is often, "Are you crazy?". Since that is an easy answer(quite possibly :)), the next question I get is, "What about the boy?"

I get it, adoption will change everything. It will stress and pull our family in new ways. And it will take some of my energy away from our biological children, Pup included. (scratching your head about why the boy is more of a concern, catch up here)

I can promise you there is not an instance that you can think of that I haven't already thought of, prayed about, came to terms with, and moved on. I have stressed about it all. But here is what I have discovered. You may not like it.

All children are equal in the eyes of God. They are all equal. I don't think God prefers my American born children any more than He cares for the orphan, actually I think the reverse is true. So will my children get less attention from mom when a new addition comes into our home? You better believe it. And I don't think there is a more biblical way of parenting.

And just to pacify you naysayers out there, I have already talked to our pediatrician. You know the one who we see so much of she can tell my voice when I call. The one who knows more about both of my kiddos crazy medical history than anyone else on the planet? She thinks us adopting is a splendid idea.

So What about the boy? He wants another sibling!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I have been a busy little bee getting ready for our Etsy shop launch NEXT WEEKEND! So much great stuff will be in there, lots of "reusable "green products(family cloth, unpapertowels, cloth wipes, reusable tissues, snack/ sandwich bags...), some baby/kids items(booties, personalized hooded towel/washcloth sets, birthday shirts, capes...) but what I am MOST excited about are our sweet Africa shirts. I tried our prototypes on the kiddos today and ahhh... I think my kids are going to be wearing Africa shirts until we bring our new one home, and maybe then all of them will! There will also be grown up sizes(and you can be sure I will be sporting one often!) So get excited for our shop, and if you have anything for us to add to our launch, let me know and I will come pick it up for you(or paypal you money for shipping!).
Our little rag-a-muffin daughter
Africa onsie, 24 months with pink stiching around; will be in the shop :)

The wee model, a little "fat boy in a little shirt". Going in the shop!

Favorite Product Friday...or Sunday :) {Vitalizer}

It's no secret I can't stomach pills. I can't, they make me sick sick sick! But I NEED to take supplements. My body has been revolting on me(more details on that once we FINALLY figure out what is going on), and before it becomes any worse I am trying my hand at "real food", no gluten, casein, and refined sugar, and copious amounts of supplements.

The Shaklee Vitalizer is great, it has everything an average person needs in a convenient little strip. (I say average because it does not have therapeutic levels of anything, so in situations like mine I take extra of certain things). Oh and have I mentioned that it doesn't make me sick?

This oh so much more than a multivitamin, and when compared to the individual price of every supplement included the price isn't even that crazy! Interested in the science behind it or the complete list of vitamins and minerals included? Check out the Vitalizer in our shop. As always, proceeds go towards Malot's Hope {adoption fund}, and if you aren't satisfied completely you get your money back, even if you have used almost the entire box!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

God is good

This is kind of a "fake it until you make it" statement for me. Don't get me wrong I fundamentally KNOW that this is true, and theologically I believe this as well. But when it comes to the nitty gritty of life I don't. I have a lot of questions that many people have. How can a good God allow x, y, or z to happen. And when that x, y, or z, rocks you to the core it is a lesson in trust!

BUT with that said, my prayer for the past while (long while) would be for me to trust God again, for me to believe to the very deepest part of my being that He is GOOD, yesterday, today, and forever. And He is answering. He is using the this adoption to show me He has not changed. He is renewing my hope, and showing me He is good.

What does that mean? It means are "plans" are changing. We are taking out the safety net of saving first. The saftey net of watching our pup for a bit longer "just in case something happens". We still don't know an exact timeline, but we do know soon. I know this may seem reckless to some, irresponsible, naive, we get it. We also get that when our God calls us to something we can do no less than listen.

So that is why the new little button is up on the left. A direct response to following direction. We know that our God wants to knock our socks off, and wants to draw people closer to Him, as well as recognize the call that WE ALL HAVE to help the least of these.

With Love,
The Garrett's

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Dream Renewed

Once upon a time we had dreams. Really big dreams. God sized dreams.

And then we had our sweet boy. (if you don't know Pup's story you can read it here)

Dreams crushed. Our life was changed more than we could ever imagine.

We used to sit before we were married and shortly after and talk about opening a fully sustainable orphanage. Teaching kids to be self- sufficient with trades, and having a school. How awesome would that have been?

But that's the thing about God, he brings us to places to places we never would go on our own and will see us through to the other side. As I watch our little boy pushing a chair across the room I am grateful. Grateful for the patience I have acquired. Grateful for the ability to navigate hospitals, and therapies, and doctors in my sleep. Grateful to have my little girl who has taught me so much in the more minor "issues" in childhood. We have AMAZING doctors. I am familiar with therapies and techniques that most people don't even know exist. It is my daily life, it is our normal.

We know that adopted kids often need a little "extra help", at least a first. But I am confident God has prepared us for this point. He has let us experience their culture, see first hand the heartbreaking way orphans often live. Has taught us through our own two kids how to exist through these issues.

This is where we are supposed to be. God has put us in this very place, for a time just like now. Our own little "orphanage", except I think we will just call it HOME.

With Love,
The Garrett's

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thirty WHAT?

So I emailed the adoption agency today (Adoption Ministry of YWAM Ethiopia), and while it was a positive and encouraging response, one small thing was brought to my attention. Although this is kind of a big thing.

I missed a line when adding the total cost.

Not a big deal right? Except the fact I missed the 8000 dollar airfare cost line.

That brings our grand total to 33,000 dollars (and some change, give or take a couple thousand in areas where costs are not fixed such as travel.) That number seem so much bigger than 25,000!

So yea, setback number one of the 33,000 or so we will run into in the next 3 or so years.

(and I realize this is a crazy lofty goal, but I believe it will happen!)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Christmas is coming...

The goose is getting fat. Please help us launch our Etsy Shop!

Okay, lame, but in all seriousness, we want to launch an Etsy shop come the end of the month, and we need goodies for it. I'm trying to get my creative genes going, and I have a few items I will be working on once the kiddos head to bed. (a few stroller blankets, family cloth, cloth wipes, "un" paper towels", and reusable tissues...) We would LOVE your help in this. Anyone with a creative bone in their body (and even those without!) are welcome to donate goodies to our collaborative shop. We will be open to all ideas, doesn't have to be fabric or kid related. Want to make a few paintings for us or do some etching on glass? Sweet we would LOVE it!

We can help out with material cost if that is an issue, but prefer free to nearly free items. (have you seen the fabric selection at the local thrift store :)) After all this is a fundraiser and the lower the overhead the better! So contact me (facebook, comment, email...) if you are at all interested in helping out! Also if you have extra fabric lying around that you would like to donate, we would gladly take it off of your hands!

Friday, October 1, 2010

A few goodies... oh and product friday{Basic H2}!

This week has totally flown by. We have been consumed with house hunting, cleaning, and cooking more gluten, dairy, and sugar free food than any one mom should ever have to make(or ingest!) And come to realize today is Friday and that means another product feature!

Last night was our Kickoff and I had a great time learning about Shaklee with all of those who came! If you would like to host a Malot's Hope Fundraiser in your home, with the chance for rewards as well for you, CONTACT ME! We would love to help you partner with us! It is an easy low cost/no cost way to support us! We had some fun snacks which I stole from other blogs that were G/S/C free, so check out those links at the bottom if you are interested.

Ahhhh... Basic H2. THE most versatile product on the planet.

Alright I totally just made that statement up. But it is the most versatile product in my house that I know how to use. It can do everything. 2 drops to 16 ounces of water makes window cleaner. 1/4 tsp. in the same amount makes an all purpose cleaner that rivals anything on the market. It is safe to use on organic gardens as a fertilizer AND a bug killer. (and yes you can still keep your "organic" status. It will keep ants at bay, deworm dogs, keep fly's off of horses, and bugs out of chicken coops. It is just that cool :) So check it out, we will never be without it over here!

The promised Links!

Gluten/ Casein Free Pumpkin bread

I made these as muffins (same temp, around 20-25 minutes), omitted the sugar, swapped the honey for 1/2 brown rice syrup, and swapped all of the GF flours for a GF all purpose flour (Bob's). Oh and a put 2 droppers full of liquid stevia(sweet leaf) in for good measure. So maybe I should have just wrote new directions :)

Grain Free/Sugar Free Marble Cake

Again Muffins, and only made the "chocolate cake" portion, omitting the vanilla marble half. I also used brown rice syrup again for the honey, but the same amount. Whole foods doesn't carry the vanilla cream stevia, so I just use plain liquid and add a tsp. extra of vanilla. This made 20ish cupcakes, so if you do marble be prepared for LOTS of goodies! They are oh so much better the second day! They were topped with a simple allergen free chocolate (enjoy life, what else?) melted with some coconut milk, and chilled to make a "frosting". Man, I wish we weren't out. MMMMMMMMM