Sunday, October 10, 2010

Favorite Product Friday...or Sunday :) {Vitalizer}

It's no secret I can't stomach pills. I can't, they make me sick sick sick! But I NEED to take supplements. My body has been revolting on me(more details on that once we FINALLY figure out what is going on), and before it becomes any worse I am trying my hand at "real food", no gluten, casein, and refined sugar, and copious amounts of supplements.

The Shaklee Vitalizer is great, it has everything an average person needs in a convenient little strip. (I say average because it does not have therapeutic levels of anything, so in situations like mine I take extra of certain things). Oh and have I mentioned that it doesn't make me sick?

This oh so much more than a multivitamin, and when compared to the individual price of every supplement included the price isn't even that crazy! Interested in the science behind it or the complete list of vitamins and minerals included? Check out the Vitalizer in our shop. As always, proceeds go towards Malot's Hope {adoption fund}, and if you aren't satisfied completely you get your money back, even if you have used almost the entire box!

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