Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What about the Boy?

When we have told people we are starting the process to adopt our first question is often, "Are you crazy?". Since that is an easy answer(quite possibly :)), the next question I get is, "What about the boy?"

I get it, adoption will change everything. It will stress and pull our family in new ways. And it will take some of my energy away from our biological children, Pup included. (scratching your head about why the boy is more of a concern, catch up here)

I can promise you there is not an instance that you can think of that I haven't already thought of, prayed about, came to terms with, and moved on. I have stressed about it all. But here is what I have discovered. You may not like it.

All children are equal in the eyes of God. They are all equal. I don't think God prefers my American born children any more than He cares for the orphan, actually I think the reverse is true. So will my children get less attention from mom when a new addition comes into our home? You better believe it. And I don't think there is a more biblical way of parenting.

And just to pacify you naysayers out there, I have already talked to our pediatrician. You know the one who we see so much of she can tell my voice when I call. The one who knows more about both of my kiddos crazy medical history than anyone else on the planet? She thinks us adopting is a splendid idea.

So What about the boy? He wants another sibling!

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