Friday, September 24, 2010

Favorite Product Friday {Nature's Bright Laundry Booster}

My daughter and son are rough on clothes, and I guess you could say I am even rougher. I have a dirty little secret, I don't pretreat. Ever. I know, I know, it's the saving grace for clothes with babes and toddlers. But I don't do it. When I received my "kit" from Shaklee, it included a lot of items I would have never ordered had I purchased items individually. This Nature's Bright is one of those products.

I figured I have used Oxyclean in the past, it can't be much different. And while Oxyclean is great and all it kinda burns my hands a bit when I mess in it without gloves, you have to use a TON to have it work, and it still doesn't touch my daughters already set in stains. (and yes I realize the instructions say to wear gloves, as does on every other cleaning product out there, and I don't wear gloves with any of them.)

So I figure, hey I'll give it a shot, right? These stains have been treated (after the fact) with EVERYTHING. Resolve power max, soaked in Oxyclean for 2 days, shout, and Dreft Stain Remover. And after every "treat" cycle they were washed and dried. ( I know not the way to do it :))

My set up. Excuse the awful pictures, the inside light was not being my friend!

2 Tablespoons(one scoop) was all that was required. I'm thinking this bag will last FOREVER.

Classic Lizzy stain. "Undies" or rather a diaper cover that has gotten everything under the sun smashed into from scooting around on her bum. I think this was a combo of food she squished down into her highchair and dirt.

The elusive banana stain. That was lost at the bottom of a diaper bag for weeks before even being washed the first time.

All of our problem clothes into the bin. If you recognize something as yours it will soon be coming back CLEAN!

Seriously AWFUL picture, but you can see, no more banana stain! It is bright white and looks like new! (Even though it was a hand me down!)

Clean as a whistle, ready to back to it's rightful owner!

I am so impressed with this stuff. If it can get out my children's stains it can get out anything! There are also a myriad of other uses for this, listed on the back of the bag. I promise( and Shaklee promises!) that you won't be disappointed. If you are send it back! They will give you a refund even if the bag is almost empty. The stand behind their product that much! So head on over to the store and check it out! As always proceeds will go directly to Malot's Hope/ Adoption Fund!

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