Monday, December 20, 2010

Enjoying the moment...

Or rather trying to. It is so easy right now to focus on the "not yet" of our life. We are waiting for a showing, waiting for someone to "chose" our house out of a flooded housing market, and learning one of our first lessons on patience for this adoption journey. I have a sneaking feeling this is going to be a lesson that is on "repeat" in our lives.

But so we wait, and attempt to turn all of our fear, worry, and impatience on the Lord, trusting that HIS timing is perfect, and if we are waiting now He has a plan. (Maybe our little one is yet to be born?) And in the meantime we are making memories with our 2 that are home, making this a holiday season to remember, not for gifts(oh but everyone is getting more than their fair share of those too!), but for time spent together laughing and loving.

So today we made cookie and play dough, gluten, dairy, and dye free of course. And you would have though my little girl was in heaven. It should be noted that this was her very first experience with colored cookies. She was in love!

Poor guy was left out of the play- dough/ cookie fun. Good thing climbing on the chair keeps him entertained!

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