Monday, December 6, 2010

Perfect Night

Saturday evening we headed up to church (can I just say how much I love Saturday night church when small children are involved? So much easier that the morning rush on Sunday morning!), and afterwords ran into some old, dear friends and made some new ones. We sat and chatted about life while the kids ran around like crazy banshees in the lobby. They had so much fun, I kept being asked, "mommy, can I go to?"

We met a couple who is getting ready to head out to Tanzania with Young Life Africa, who connected us to an ETHIOPIAN ADOPTION GROUP I didn't know exsisted at our church! So exciting! We knew there was an adoption group, but this is specifically for keeping the Ethiopian culture alive. Such a blessing!

So following the chatting we went over to a local African refugees house, who we used to hang out with prior to having kids, but have not seen since. She was so excited to see us, and it was such a breath of fresh air (or rather incense...) to just hang out in her living room, and again watch the kids run around like crazy banshees. Lizzy took to them without a bump, and was all of the girls new best friend, crying when we had to leave, wanting to stay and play with her new friends. (This makes us so happy, in the past we have had fear issues with Lizzy and other races, but apparently these are cleared up!)

So the conclusion of all of this rambling is this, we are confident that we are right in the hand of God, heading in the direction he wants us. We are confident our place will sell(although rather impatient ...), confident we will find the house we are meant to be in, and confident in the choice to head back to Westerville, and that to be the community we will be rooted in. Please keep praying for us, we know prayer is the only way all of the seemingly crazy steps will actually happen!

With Love,
The Garretts

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