Monday, November 8, 2010

Memorial Box Monday

I love the idea of a Memorial Box, a place where you can be thankful for what God is doing and has done in your life. So here goes nothing, my first entry to our memorial box, here's hoping I can keep it up, "day of the week" posts are not my strong suit! Be sure to check out the other "memorial box's" linked up over at A Place Called Simplicity

I will preface this to say that I NEVER thought I would be in this place, only by God's grace...

My memorial box entry is this, our sweet boy, the way he entered into our life and what happened to him while he was in the womb. The short of it, for those who are new is he began his short life in the NICU, after extensive birth trauma, and we subsequently found out he had a stroke in the womb resulting in significant brain damage. The long version is found here.

You see our life was on a much different course. Not a bad one, just different. We were sure we were to head overseas asap(for missions). It kinda was what we were holding onto, it was our end, and even an idol at times. What ended up happening though is we were in a constant state of transition, never truly settling down, as we would eventually be leaving this all behind.

Noah changed this all. He has doctors upon doctors, and appointments upon appointments, making life outside of a developed nation (or even away from a larger city) unrealistic. This really was the salt in the wound for a while. Our son may never sit up(what we were told roughly a year ago) AND we would never realize the dreams we have had since getting married. Honestly I NEVER thought I would get back to the point where I was excited about what God was doing in our life, that I was able to trust Him, and that I believed with my whole heart that he is good.

But I am there. This past week I have been marveling at how everything is working for the good of His Glory. We would never be considering adoption at this point would it not be for Noah and his birth. We wouldn't be moving if not for the adoption. We would not be going back to an amazing church had we not be moving. Our family and marriage is stronger. Our false pretenses with God have been ripped away. There is more, what seems like millions of small things are lining up, showing how there was indeed a plan all along. And we are forever grateful.

And just for those who are wondering, our sweet "special needs" boy is doing amazing. (The quotes are there because while he will always be special needs by diagnosis, I no longer view him as such.) He is hitting all of his milestones, and no longer has a delay. A memorial box entry all on it's own!

So there you have it, our first Memorial Box Monday, and a huge part to how we have gotten here!

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  1. I have your family added to Ethiopian Adoption Blogs. YWAM is listed under Children House International. I wish you all the best on the rest of your adoption journey!!